Perspectives on the beloved club “Mark Noble” after accepting hot taro with the position of director of West Ham

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Perspectives on the beloved club “Mark Noble” after accepting hot taro with the position of director of West Ham.

At the age of 35 after announcing his retirement And a few months off with family Mark Noble, former West Ham United midfielder captain in the Premier League, return to the club again in January. along with taking the position of sports director

This season, West Ham under the leadership of Scottish coach David Moyes. Most of the time was spent struggling to escape relegation. Which is not a very impressive performance After they spent more than 160 million pounds on the army last summer. with the goal of finishing 7th like last year

However, there was a bit of satisfactory after West Ham’s U18s won the FA Youth Cup with a 5-1 thrashing of Arsenal in last month’s final. While the first team has just entered the Europa Conference League semi-final first match by opening the house to beat AZ Alkmaar 2-1 on May 12, the past

Noble began to explain that “You have to go through both difficult and easy paths at West Ham.

Which has always been the case. That is why we all love this club. Even sometimes it breaks your heart But there are times when it makes you shed tears of joy.”

last March After leading the team to a 4-0 defeat to Brighton, Moyes was heavily attacked by West Ham fans. And called for his dismissal, but chairman David Sullivan insisted the 60-year-old coach was the only one who could save the situation.

Noble said, “No one can escape from the truth. Our manager was very clear. The Premier League is the most difficult league in the world. And for a long time we were in the fight to escape relegation. David knows football as well as any other manager. He knew the pressure he had to face.”

“14 managers were sacked this year. which is crazy We hold on to David and it seems He can save us from trouble. And now we are in the semi-finals of European football. it’s awesome We can start looking ahead now.”

The manager’s path is a very uncertain career. And is one of the reasons why Noble is not interested in controlling the team. Even before, many people thought that the former “Hammer” captain had the right qualities to sit on the sidelines of the team.

Noble said: “I have been at this club since I was 11 years old, my son is also in the academy. I like to introduce children. and tell them how they can improve. But I don’t want to stand on the sidelines. and was fired after six months.”

“When you get fired You may never get back to you at the club. 

Mark Noble And I feel that there is so much more to offer this club. To improve the background of the next work, hopefully when I will be able to work on this for a long time. I can have an impact on the club from where I am now rather than as a manager.”

After taking over at West Ham in January, Noble faced the problem that “The Hammers” had little money left to strengthen the army. And he has to be the one who talks to the players in order to join forces to fight for survival.

Noble said: “We are not doing very well in the league. And at one point it was a tense time. I sit on the sidelines and am more used to helping the team on the pitch. It’s a case of talking to the players. and let them know what to do

“Because in fact Many of our players don’t feel it’s a good idea to fight for relegation. But I went through it many times, so I tried to give them my experience.”

Meanwhile, Noble also praised Declan Rice, a junior in the West Ham team and the current team captain. “He made me feel very comfortable that he was stepping up to replace me as captain. He adheres to the same code of conduct that I have. and love for the club and the fans.”