How to play PokDeng online?

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How to play Pokdeng It’s not difficult, easy to understand, so it makes the gambler interested and likes to play. There are ways to play as follows. Starting fromthe player or the hand can place bets as convenient. But does not exceed the maximum limit set by the dealer. But if the dealer is not limit. It can be fully arrange. The dealer will start to deal cards to everyone in the circle 2 cards each, including the dealer. In the deal, the cards will be distributed either way. สมัคร UFABET

The last person to be dealt is the dealer. After each person looks at their cards. Anyone who gets hit must show their cards immediately. As for those who do not pok, count the points according to the positive results of the cards and continue to play. In the event that the dealer gets Pok. The game will be consider immediately over. Then the dealer will measure the points with the players if the dealer does not pok. Every hand has the right to call a third card before measuring the score to determine the score. Players must measure points with the dealer only. Cannot be measure between players together. After the score is measure the dealer must pay the winner. And the loser has to pay the dealer. in normal pay rate and payout rate of special points

How are poker card points ?

In terms of card points, bounce It doesn’t look hard at all. easy to understand But it is very important as well. Because we need to know how big the cards in our hands are when we are. And it will affect the decision whether we will catch. The 3rd card well or not, and the score of the bounce card. Will bring the points of each card to be added together. Using only the digits of the unit, such as 5 and 7 , totaling 12 . It is 2 points , A or Ace has 1 point. If it is a sorted card, it is consider as the largest card and cannot be arranged backwards. Card Point has points equal to the number on the face from 2-9. 0 Point is a card that has no points, namely 10, J. , Q and K

Pokdeng Online There are also special points that will affect the payout as well. If anyone has ever heard of the word bounce, that is a set of cards that have extra points. Which the points that are as follows: two bounces It only happens in a 2-card playing round. The cards that are going to get two bounces must be the same number or the same suit. If we win, we will get a double bet. Triple bounce will occur in the playing round of 3 cards, which should be of the same suit. When you win, you get 3x your stake, and you get 5x your stake, straight flush, when winning, you will receive 5 times the stake used for the same card. When you win, you will receive 3 times your stake and When you win, you will receive 3 times your stake. Let’s play together. Get it at ufabet1688