Do you remember? “Ronaldo”, the legendary Brazilian striker

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I believe that older football fans will remember the name of “golden ball” Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima, the legendary striker of the Brazilian national team. That has been recognize by the media and football around the world as one of the phenomena of the football world for sure.

Although referred to farewell to the grass for a long time since 2011. But with the footsteps And the style of attacking the door. That is said to this day makes The 46-year-old former striker is still a favorite. Of many people. as well as being an idol for many later players. ทางเข้า

Which is currently “Golden Bald” lives with his beautiful wife, Selina Locks, a model. Who have been together since 2015 before the relationship lasted until now After previously changing the unique female face But in the end, the referee decided to stop at the 33-year-old model.

For Ronaldo, 46, is now the owner of Real Valladolid in the Spanish La Liga after spending more than 30 million euros (about 1,140 million). baht) Managed to take over 82% of shares since 2018, while the performance of the footballer must say that it still fascinates football fans of all ages who have seen the style of drawing patterns on the field of the person. With performances on behalf of the national team, 62 goals from playing 98 games